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Interlocking nails

Interlocking nail is a nail fixed inside the medullar cavity of a long bone which is secured in position by the proximal and distal transfixing screws and is used to provide axial, bending and torsional stability to the bone. Interlocking Nails are best suited for diaphyseal fractures and even more useful in cases with extensive comminution. A wide range of Interlocking Nail is produce by Biomed Healthtech Pvt Ltd. These include Femur Nail, Recon Nail (Right/ Left), Proximal Femur Nails – PFN, Supracondylar Nail, Tibia Nail and Humerus Nail. The quality of the Interlocking Nails available at Biomed Healthtech Pvt Ltd are above market standards and the best available in the market.

Femur Nail

Recon Nail (Right/ Left)

Proximal Femur Nails – PFN

Supracondylar Nail

Tibia Nail

Humerus Nail

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