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About Us

BIOMED launched in 1989, was set up with a strong medical background as a concrete base of the company. Over the years, the company grew rapidly and gained enormous experience, and the ability to provide right kind of service for the ever-increasing needs of the professionals in medical field. The company’s state of the art technology along with the latest infrastructure facilitated business of dependable quality instruments for surgeons in their fields of surgery.

BIOMED has an excellent marketing network. The team is ever willing to assist clients at every stage to provide after sales services. We aspire to provide quick personalized services and innovative solutions to our clientele. We have established our reputation as a complete and comprehensive one-stop solution for the Medical fraternity.

About Us

BIOMED has a Complete Range of Products that includes Bio-fixation locking plates, Bio-fixation locking screws, Interlocking nails, Tibia nails, Femur nails, Self-tapping bolts, Locking range, DHS plates, DCP plates, Screws & Bolts.